On the website there is a new calculator for the six compound interest functions. This model can be useful for students of Economics and Finance, investment analysts, and real estate appraisers.

Often economists have to deal with so-called six functions of compound interest. For this purpose, tables of factors of six functions of the monetary unit have been specially developed, namely: 1) Amount of 1 at compound interest, 2) Accumulation of 1 per period, 3) Sinking fund factor, 4) Present value reversion of 1, 5) Present value ordinary annuity 1 per period, 6) Installment to amortize 1. However, these tables have limitations in terms of both the number of years and the interest rate. This program allows the user to get any required factor for any input parameters. Often, a specialist has to use a calculation formula to obtain the necessary factor, since he did not find the factor in the table. It is in these cases that this program will be very useful, since all the calculation formulas are already set up and ready to use. Also, this program will be appreciated by those professionals who have not yet learned and are not going to learn how to use a financial calculator)))

In similar programs, applications and models, each of the six functions of the compound interest is presented separately and the user has to jump from one to another. The uniqueness of this model is that it’s layout allows the analyst to see and work with all six compound interest formulas simultaneously. Hope you will enjoy it)))!!!


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