Using Microsoft Excel functions in regression analysis is a very complex process, and not every specialist knows how to use them correctly. Currently, Excel provides the ability to perform regression analysis by two methods, namely, using the built-in program in the data analysis package, as well as using the LINEST function implemented within the array. The obtained results are non-aesthetic and should be formatted for easy reading. This program is easy to use and displays the results in a readable form.

The model generates linear regression equations based on a maximum of 150 observations. The maximum number of factor variables is seven. In addition to the main statistical indicators, this model also generates a correlation matrix. The user of this program can calculate all the basic parameters of the regression equation, check the significance of both the regression equation and the individual regression coefficients. The macro in this program independently determines the T-statistics and F-statistics, as well as the coefficients of determination, elasticity and the overall accuracy of the regression model.

Once mastered this program, the user will be able to quickly carry out any regression analysis and he will not need to spend time remembering the theory and formulas. Regression analysis will never be a complicated procedure anymore!


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