All My Work

Welcome to your economics toolkit! No matter what you are looking for, whether it is financial ratios and measurements, NPV, IRR, regression model, R-squared, discounted cash-flow methods or anything else, here you will find a lot of amazing stuff!

This page contains the entire list of financial models and instruments uploaded to the website. Here you can find interesting developments used in financial and economic analysis. The uploaded models focus on such subjects as financial ratios and measurements analysis (ROA, ROE, EBITDA, liquidity etc.), time value of money (discounted cash-flow methods, sinking fund factor, etc.), regression analysis, investment analysis (NPV, IRR, MIRR etc.) and other methodology. These programs are not complex applications for any kind of financial or economic analysis and are more aimed at facilitating calculations, provided there is a ready-made information base. Most of the models were developed using professional educational and methodical literature. The description of these programs provides a specific list of literature that guided the developer. If resources from the Internet were used in the development of models, links to these web pages are also given in the bibliography.

These tools can be useful for auditors, who compute financial ratios and measurement in their activities, property and business appraisers, financial analysts, consultants, economists, as well as students of Economics faculties studying financial coefficients and indicators, valuation technics and accounting. Each financial model begins from instructions. Please don’t ignore reading short instructions before you start using model, since this can protect you from unforced errors that may occur when working with Excel macros and functions. Also, the developer would like to warn the user against unauthorized changes in the formulas and the position of the program elements on the Excel page. These changes can lead to failures in the macro, since the codes of the macros keep references to a specific cells of the worksheet.