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“Hello dear friends! My name is Vadim. I am very pleased and proud to welcome you on my website. In fact, this site is not intended for me, but for you and it can be useful both for professionals in the field of Economics and Finance, and for young people studying economic disciplines in universities. The purpose of this site is to publish and distribute free of charge economic and financial analysis tools, financial models, programs and other useful materials that are developed by me and other experts. All materials presented on this site were tested not only by me individually, but also by economists and consultants of various audit and consulting companies.

It all started in my student years, when studying at the faculty of Economics, I was very surprised by the large number of useful and at the same time complex techniques existing in Economics. I have always had problems with remembering all the formulas and nuances of economic calculations. Being a very lazy person, I tried to automate all calculations and methods as much as possible, which, in turn, allowed me to strain my memory less and focus more on the current problem. Studying the possibilities of MS Excel, I discovered a huge opportunity to automate routine calculations and now I am happy to share with you my developments.

Development of the presented materials is a very hard work, which takes a lot of my personal time and effort. And I have to say that the best reward for me will be the realization that the results of my hard work benefit respected colleagues around the world.

I would be very grateful to you, dear colleagues, if you also shared your developments that could be posted on this site. If you wish to publish your unique models, macros or personally developed economical or financial programs, please send them to me for review. If the quality of your work will be satisfactory, I’ll publish them on this site with great pleasure”.


Vadim Sobkin
The author of  economist-mate.com 

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